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  About WM-basic
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WMbasic is the first serious attempt to run model atmospheres of hot stars from an easy-to-use shell for MS Windows (XP/ 2000/ NT/ 9x) - less than an hour is required to start to run the first model calculation.
This version of the program, WM-basic, is a native 32-bit application, conforming to the Multiple Documents Interface (MDI) standards. All components of the program package have been compiled with Digital Visual Fortran V6.6(Pro) and Microsoft Visual C++.

WM-basic comprises:

  • editing the input file
  • running the corresonding atmospheric model
  • viewing the output file
  • viewing the results graphically using gnuplot (ionizing fluxes and synthetic spectra)

WM-basic's model calculations includes:

  • a simple waiting queue (jobs start at a user-specified time)
  • program Split (creates various input files)
  • program Abund (creates the abundance file)
  • program Hydro (calculates a stationary hydrodynamic stratification)
  • program Gtemp (calculates LTE-opacities and a grey temperature structure for initiating the following iteration cycle)
  • program Fmulti (simply calculates the line blocked and blanketed NLTE model for expanding hot atmospheres)
  • For advanced users, WMbasic provides further means (e.g. namelists and menu items) for detailed control of what is calculated (more and special program utilities are provided)


The program package released is based on the following papers:

Latest and most important modifications are described in:

  Pauldrach, A.W.A., Lennon, M., Hoffmann, T.L., et al., 1998, ASPCS 131,258
"Realistic Models For Expanding Atmospheres"
download the paper

Pauldrach, A.W.A., Hoffmann, T.L., Lennon, M., 2001, A&A,
375, 161
"Radiation-driven winds of hot luminous stars. XIII. A description of NLTE line blocking and blanketing towards realistic models for expanding atmospheres"
download the paper

Sauer, D.N., Pauldrach, A.W.A., 2002,
Nuclear Astrophysics, MPA/P13
"Model atmospheres for type Ia supernovae:
Basic steps towards realistic synthetic spectra"

download the paper

Pauldrach, A.W.A., Hoffmann, T.L.,Mendez, R.H., 2002, IAU Symposium 209 "Planetary Nebulae", in press

"Radiation driven atmospheres of O-type stars:
constraints on the mass--luminosity relation of central stars of planetary nebulae"

download the paper

Pauldrach, A.W.A.
, 2003, Reviews in Modern Astronomy, Vol. 16, 133
"Hot Stars: Old-Fashioned or Trendy?"
download the paper

Pauldrach, A.W.A., Hoffmann, T.L.,Mendez, R.H., 2004, A&A 419, 1111

"Radiation-driven winds of hot luminous stars. XV. Constraints on the mass-luminosity relation of central stars of planetary nebulae."
download the paper


Papers connected to the procedure:

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Last updated July 1, 2003