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Me My name is Rhea-Silvia Remus and I am currently on a sabbatical at the University of Toronto for half a year. I am a PostDoc at the University Observatory in Munich and leader of the working group Galaxies@CAST. I finished my PhD in June 2015 as part of the group “Computational Astrophysics” at the University Observatory, working on the Outer Halos of Elliptical Galaxies. I am also part of the Magneticum Pathfinder Team and the Excellence Cluster Universe.

During my time at the University Observatory, I have been supervising several Bachelor, Master, and PhD Students, and I also have been tutoring several courses and practica. I also organised several meetings, within the group “Computational Astrophysics” and abroad.

If you want to contact me, send an email to:
rhea @

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