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My main interest of research centers around the formation and evolution of galaxies in different environments. A large part of my work is dedicated to the understanding of the interaction between the baryonic and the dark components of galaxies, and how this is influenced by the evolution history of a galaxy. This work so far mostly centred around early-type (or elliptical) galaxies, but recently advanced towards disk galaxies as well. I also work on the build-up of the outer stellar halos of galaxies, from Milky-Way mass up to BCGs (the brightest galaxies within galaxy clusters), and what we can learn both from the density profiles and the individual features of the outer stellar halos. The third big topic I am interested in is the build-up of galaxy groups and the evolution of galaxies therein. The group environment is one of the most active environments, and most galaxies in the Universe actually live within galaxy groups. Thus, galaxy groups are the perfect laboratory to understand the interactions of the different physical processes that lead to morphological transitions of galaxies.

To answer the scientific questions that I want to address, I use both numerical simulations as well as theoretical models. Large parts of my research involve the Magneticum Pathfinder simulations, a suite of several cosmological boxes of different sizes and resolutions. This simulation suit includes the currently largest existing baryonic cosmological box with more than 2000Mpc box-length.

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