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Certificate installation


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The installation of the certificates - needed for the secure access - is dependend on the mail client.

bulletoutlook: install 3 certificates by following this links:

USM root certificate alhena-usm-pca.crt (this is our USM root certificate)

email server certificate cyrus-imapd.crt (for the imap access)

smtp authentication sendmail.crt (to enable sending email also from outside)

bulletpine: this certificates will be installed by the sysadmins
bulletmutt: asks if certificate is to be accepted; answer yes (only 1-time action)
bulletthunderbird: Only the first (USM_root_....) is needed..

The procedure is very similar described in Certificates for gui mail clients.

If you use pine on a private computer (laptop) you need to know:


For pine on your own machine you need to download the certificate and place
it in your ssl certs directory.  On both slackware and SuSE this is
Fetch the first certificate (USM_root_...) and translate it into a ascii version.

        openssl x509 -inform der -outform pem -in alhena-usm-pca.crt -out usm-pca.pem     
        mv usm-pca.pem /etc/ssl/certs
        cd /etc/ssl/certs
        ln -sf usm-pca.pem `openssl x509 -noout -hash -in usm-pca.pem`

Configure your mail-client



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