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Procedure to accept the USM certificates

First you must install the USM "Wurzelzertifikat" into your system by connecting to:


"Due to new certificates the pictures are only similar to that what you get, i.e. the certificate text may alter"

Save this certificate by open it (fig. 1):                                                                                                   

  (MS Internet Explorer version)                                                                                                                 (NETSCAPE/MOZILLA  version)


Open it (Öffnen) (fig.2):


and do a "Zertifikat installieren" (fig. 3):                                                                                          (Netscape: klick on the trust buttons  and then o.k.)             

now "Weiter" (fig. 4):

again "Weiter" (fig. 5):

and finish with a "Fertig stellen" (fig. 6):

and click on "Ja" and it is confirmed by (fig. 7):

(click OK) (fig. 8). Then also OK on fig. 2.

This whole procedure is now repeated in a second step with the USM "IMAP-Server Certificate" by downloading:


and for outgoing


and for web


The import of this certificate follows the procedure above. Now you are prepared to use this certificate also bye your IMAP connection to our site.



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