Astrophotography in the changes of time - M57 and M51 once and now!

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2007 and 2008 a few images from the Ring Nebula M57 have been created. Beside the Bismarck telescope the 16inch Cassegrain of the Mt. Wendelstein Observatory came also to use. Like at home a rgB composite image of shorter and longer exposure times have been made:

Messier 57 Bismarck long:

Messier 57 Bismarck short:

M57 with IC 1296 stacked out of 10 frames. Total exposure time 24mins. Bismarck focal shot with coma corrector cropped in Cinemascope format. M57 with IC 1296 stacked out of 4 frames. Total exposure time 4mins. Bismarck focal shot with coma corrector cropped in Cinemascope format.

Messier 57 Mt. Wendelstein:

Messier 57 short development:

M57 with IC 1296 at 08.06.14, 08.07.04 and 08.08.27. Stacked out of 8 x B, 400secs each, 22 x g, 300secs each and 4 x r, 300secs each. Developed with The Gimp for more details in the surrounding and IC 1296. M57 with IC 1296 same data like used in the adjacent image also done with The Gimp for creating an impression of shorter exposure.

M 57 once...


...and 2003!

There are really 22 years between all of these pictures of the Ring Nebula! I grubbed in my archive and found the first image I've done with the Bismarck Telescope in January 1986. The right image of the row above is also taken with Bismarck with more state of the art technology. The 5 megapixel Casio digicam borrowed from the Wendelstein came to use. This image is made from 8 stacked images everyone with an exposure time of 60 secs. Additional to these images a dark image for reduction during stacking was taken. For stacking the program Giotto from Georg Dittie was used. The image in the middle is new and was done with the Canon Ixus 430 camera. 55 15sec exposures were added a dark frame was also used. The images have been stacked by using the program RegiStax .

Whirlpool Galaxy M 51, taken with "Christina" and at the Mt. Wendelstein Observatory. Pictures from 2011 with Supernova and from 2008:

Galaxy M51 Christina telescope:

M51 Mt. Wendelstein 40cm telescope:

M51 with Supernova 2011dh, taken with Christina with coma corrector at the 27th ITT. Stacked out of 5 images, total exposure time 19m32s. M51 and NGC 5195, rgB image stacked out of 15 x 200sec in B, 16 x 150sec in g and 15 x 150sec in r with the 40cm Cassegrain telescope of the Mt. Wendelstein Observatory.

Older images of the Whirlpool Galaxy M 51, seen with Bismarck on chemical film:

Messier 51 historic:

Messier 51 composit:

Messier 51 1600 ASA:

Messier 51 200 ASA:

Slightly older but remarkable Bismarck impression of the Whirlpool Galaxy. Image from the year 2004: four 10 mins shots done with a Barlow lens have been digitalized and stacked. I have also done a 15 min single frame in the same night. Both images on Panther 1600. Another focal shot, now on Fuji Sensia 200.
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