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Christoph "Haley" Ries, amateur telescope making specialist, amateur astronomer and observer at the Mt. Wendelstein Observatory.

The upper CinemaScope image shows NGC 1851. There is a little story belonging to this object. You can learn more by clicking into the image or here.

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(2015.02.10) Now there are many new images and improvements at the astrophotography page. A few old images with poor quality have been removed or replaced. The comets page has been actulized wth new images and infos.

(2013.04.06) Always due to actual causes I'll address the light pollution theme at this page not only from astronomical reasons. Birds, insects and non astronomical interested people are affected too. Not just astronomical observers have a right for dark sky! More links about this theme at the links page. Because this theme is generally actual and important here a few additional informations:

The following four small images taken in January 2012 and 2007 as in winter 2005 from Mt. Wendelstein summit are showing drastically the affection caused by light pollution. The first two pictures are proving the increase of the immense light pollution within a few years. It is caused by skiing in the Inn valley, as well at this side as on the other side of the border. Cloudy sky increases drastically the dramatic effect of the massive diffused light. Both other images have been shot at the same evening from the same place with identical camera settings. The image at right has been taken after shutdown of the grand illumination later that night and proves the distortion by the light pollution:

And here an additional link matching this theme: Light pollution map of Germany .

The Bismarck Observatory and gallery, Christina, ULT Schdoffal, technic, mirror making: my telescopes new ATM projects and technical innovations!

At this place unfolds the world of my astrophotographic work:

Our cat gateway with image galleries of our pussycats and with cat links:

Adequate for this you can view oil paintings and pencil drawings of our and other four legged friends at Gabi's animal portrait painting page.

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