M44 and its background galaxies:

M44 is not only an impressive Open Cluster which is in good shape in small scopes and binoculars. With larger scopes from 12 inch upwards it is possible to watch a few of the background galaxies behind the cluster. The star chart, made from images of the Digitized Sky Survey and completed with informations from The Sky, show the positions of this galaxies. All of them are visible in the Bismarck Telescope image. Located in this exposure is nearby the lower frameborder an elongated galaxy which is not listed in The Sky and couldn't be identified. It is straight possible to find NGC 2647 at the outermost left border of the frame. Now have fun finding these objects! Beneath the chart one can find an excerpt of the observation of these galaxies, "spechtled" in the night from 2003.02. 24th to 25th.

Excerpt from Haley's Spechtling book, night # 531: Now M44 with it's galaxies. M44 is off course brilliant, a diadem of stars! I start on the western edge of the cluster with 2624 and 2625: Both will be visible in adverted vision with the 4.8 eyepiece.(both have a "brightness" about 14 to 14.5 mag). Amazing! 2637 and 2643 are brainteasers: Very faint but I believe I've found them at a glance, but not 100 percent sure. I am sure with the most eastern object, 2647: A definite elongated spot flaunt in the 4.8, but only in adverted vision. Cool! 2647 has a brightness about 13.8 mag.

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