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Landscape views from the Wendelstein Observatory

Clicking into the panoramic view is worthwile in every case! It leads to more impressive panoramic views from the Mt. Wendelstein summit.

Gallery of landscape views from the Wendelstein Observatory

Wendelstein from Wildalpjoch

Sunset light

Cumulus Nimbus

Aurora Borealis

Picture from nearby Wildalpjoch 1st May 2007 June 16th. 2004: An impressive Cumulus Nimbus is standing above the alps main range. Aurora Borealis in the night from 30/10/03 to 31/10/03 at 00h30m CET seen from Wendelstein observatory

NIght sky on mount Wendelstein

f.l.t.r. Belt of Orion, Plejades, (above Auriga), Cassiopeia, ... (Fish eye foto from Robert Schwarz)

Komet McNaught

Komet McNaught

Venus & McNaught


Image from 10/1/2007, exposure time approx. 1 sec Image from 10/1/2007, exposure time approx. 1 sec Komet Mcnaught with Venus (10/1/2007) Zugspitze in the dusk light (10/1/2007)

Partial eclipse of the sun from may 31st 2003 - seen from the Wendelstein:

We could admire the first solar eclipse after the legendary eclipse in August 1999 from the observatory. Such a spectacular sunrise is rare to watch, even at the Wendelstein summit.

This sunrise is...

...really very unusual!

The partly eclipsed disk of the sun raises majestically above the Chiemsee lake. With increasing height the sun emerges in brightness. A protective filter becomes necessary.


Mountainsummit in the mist

Mt. Venediger in the evening sun

Winter day

One of the many nice sunsets, which someone can admire from the obseratory. The summit of the Mt. Wildalpjoch still erects from the fog. During Foehn weather the summits of the alps will be accentuated very well. The sun stands glittering above the ocean of high fog at this day in february.

Evening impression

After the reconstruction

View from Wildalpjoch


View towards west shortly before an observation night. The Wendelstein Observatorium after finishing of the reconstruction works in late summer 2001. Mt. Wendelstein towers impressive above the surrounding rocks. View from the top of Mt. Wendelstein summit in winter who rules there more than half of a year.

Eclipsed moonrise

Night view of observation dome

Shadow of the Wendelstein mountain


The partly eclipsed full moon is standing inside the earth's shadow. The 80 cm telescope awaits the start of the observation. Mt. Wendelstein's shadow rises behind lake Chiemsee. Sunset behind Mt. Zugspitze.

A few images taken with special optics: along with the CinemaScope anamorphic lens which is normally used on the silver screen a spheric mirror was to be used.

Green Flash

Lightning stroke, August 2004

Weird perspective view

High fog with waves

The "Green Flash", the last green sunray disappears behind the mountain silhouette. Our meteor camera recorded a lightning stroke into the broadcasting tower. A really unusual view: the Observatory seen through the spheric mirror of our meteor observation station. A real rare experience: the high fog in waves!

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