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Paper VII

Radiative dipole transition-probabilities for Fe-II
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 1995, Vol.293, No.3, pp.967-977

Oscillator strengths, line strengths and Einstein A-coefficients are obtained for a large number of dipole allowed ($\Delta S = 0$) fine structure transitions in Fe II. Spectroscopic energies of the observed fine structure levels are employed in the transformation from LS coupled multiplet strengths to the individual fine structure lines. The transition probabilities are thus significantly improved in accuracy over those obtained with calculated energies. As part of the second phase of the Iron Project the present work is part of the effort to improve the accuracy and the utility of the Opacity Project data. The calculations correspond to a 83- state close coupling calculations for Fe it described by Nahar & Pradhan (1994). Comparison of present oscillator strengths and lifetimes is made with experimental values, and with those calculated by Kurucz; the present values show an overall better agreement with the experimental data. Radiative data is obtained for 21,589 dipole allowed fine structure transitions in Fe II.