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Paper VI

Collision strengths and rate coefficients for Fe-II
Zhang.HL, Pradhan.AK
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 1995, Vol.293, No.3, pp.953-966

Collision strengths and maxwellian averaged rate coefficients have been calculated for 10011 infrared, optical and ultraviolet transitions among 142 fine structure levels in Fe II. Collision strengths are calculated using the R-matrix method with a 38 term close-coupling target expansion and for electron energies up to 10 rydbergs. Rate coefficients are tabulated at a wide range of temperatures at which Fe II is abundant in plasma sources. A brief discussion of the calculations, sample results, and comparison with earlier works are given. The present rates for Fe II are expected to find applications in the IR, O, and UV spectral diagnostics of astrophysical objects and laboratory fusion plasmas