Coronae of Stars and Accretion Disks

Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, Bonn
12 - 13 December 2006

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List of Registered Participants & Contributions

Last update: 28 Nov 2006
S. Berdyugina, Invited Review: Preferred active longitudes in sunspot activity

A. Brandenburg, Invited Review: Dynamos in accretion disks

P. Browning, Poster + 5min Talk: Particle acceleration at 3D magnetic reconnection sites

B.P. Dabrowski, Poster + 5min Talk: Millisecond solar radio spikes observed at 1420 MHz

D. Dobrzycka, Poster + 5min Talk: Solar Coronal Jets

J. Ferreira, Invited Review: MHD aspects for star-disk-jet magnetic systems

J. Forbrich, Poster + 5min Talk I: Simultaneous X-ray, radio, near-infrared, and optical monitoring of Young Stellar Objects in the Coronet cluster
Poster + 5min Talk II: Searching for coronal radio emission from protostars by VLBI

L. Gallo, Poster + 5min Talk: Evidence for flares in the accretion disc coronae of Narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies

T. Granzer

S. G. Gregory, Poster + 5min Talk: Rotationally Modulated X-ray Emission from T Tauri Stars

N. Grosso, Poster + 5min Talk: X-ray emission from the young brown dwarfs of the Taurus Molucular Cloud

B.V. Gudiksen, Invited Review: Heating the solar corona by currents

M. Güdel, Invited Review: X-ray and radio emission from stellar coronae

H.M. Günther, Poster + 5min Talk: Modelling of X-rays from V4046 Sgr

G. Hallinan, Poster + 5min Talk: Pulsing Coherent Radio Emission from an Ultracool Dwarf

L. Harra, Invited Review: Solar flares

S. Hojnacki, Poster + 5min Talk: An X-ray Source Classification Algorithm for CCD Imaging Spectroscopy of Young Stellar Clusters

V. Holzwarth, Invited Review: Flux Emergenge in fast rotating stars

L. Hric, Poster + 5min Talk: Is there an accretion disc, envelope, or torus in YY Her binary?

M. Huarte-Espinosa

N. Jackson, Poster + 5min Talk: Neutron star radiation pressure and accretion disk corona interaction in the brightest LMXB leading to jet formation

M. Jardine, Invited Review: The spatial structure of coronae of T Tauri stars

S. Jester

M. Kaufman Bernado, Poster + 5min Talk: The basic condition for jet generation

M. Krause, Poster + 5min Talk: Large scale magnetic fields in spiral galaxies

M. Kueker, Poster + 5min Talk: Funnel Flows from protoplanetary discs

A. Laor, Poster + 5min Talk: On the Origin of Radio Emission in Radio Quiet Quasars (RQQ)

C. Liefke, Poster + 5min Talk: Multi-wavelength observations of a giant flare on CN Leo

G. Lipunova

J. Malzac, Invited Review: Flares in accretion disk coronae

S. Marsden, Poster + 5min Talk: The photospheric magnetic field and coronal structure of HD 171488

M. Massi, Invited Review: Stellar flaring periodicities

M. Mayer, Poster + 5min Talk: Time-dependent simulations of two-phase accretion discs

K. Menten

A. Merloni, Invited Review: Accretion disk coronae in AGN/microquasars

T. Montmerle, Invited Review: What can X-rays tell us about magnetic fields, accretion and mass loss in young stars?

V. Nakariakov, Poster + 5min Talk: Quasi-periodic pulsations in solar and stellar flares

C.E. Parnell, Invited Review: Magnetic reconnection and flares

M. Petr-Gotzens, Poster + 5min Talk: The enigmatic radio-emission from Theta1 Orionis A

Th. Preibisch, Invited Review: The origin of X-ray emission from T Tauri stars

M.A. Requena Torres

E. Rieger, Opening Talk: Discovering a solar periodicity by chance

J. Robrade, Poster + 5min Talk: X-ray activity cycles in stellar coronae

E. Ros, Poster + 5min Talk: The Flaring Corona of UXArietis

A. Rozanska, Poster + 5min Talk: Accretion disc with magnetic coronae in AGN

A. Sadovski, Poster + 5min Talk: The revised GRV model of accretion disk coronae

K. Strassmeier, Invited Review: Spots on stars, Doppler Imaging

D.A. Uzdensky, Poster + 5min Talk I: Statistical Theory of a Magnetized Accretion Disk Corona
Poster + 5min Talk II: Self-Regulation of Solar Coronal Heating via the Collisionless Reconnection Condition

G. Vekstein, Poster + 5min Talk I: Forced reconnection and coronal heating
Poster + 5min Talk II: Nanoflares and coronal X-ray variability

F. Zuccarello, Poster + 5min Talk: Application of the Kopp and Pneuman model to an M2.5 flare

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