Publications of Schulze,F.

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  1. On the Kinematics, Stability and Lifetime of Kinematically Distinct Cores: A Case Study
    2017, Galaxies, 5, 41 - 1 citation

    Schulze, F., Remus, R.-S., Dolag, K.

  2. Connecting Angular Momentum and Galactic Dynamics: The Complex Interplay between Spin, Mass, and Morphology
    2015, The Astrophysical Journal, 812, 29 - 58 citations

    Teklu, A. F., Remus, R.-S., Dolag, K., Beck, A. M., Burkert, A., Schmidt, A. S., Schulze, F., Steinborn, L. K.

  3. Beobachtung der partiellen Mondfinsterniss 1889 Juli 12
    1889, Astronomische Nachrichten, 122, 167 - 0 citations

    Schulze, F.