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A cloud on its way towards the GC The gas cloud G2 on its way towards the GC.

See the ESO press release 1151 for more information, movies and images. For a detailed description of the observations and the physical interpretation we refer to Gillessen et al. 2012 published in Nature and Burkert et al. 2012.
image and movie credit: ESO/MPE/M.Schartmann/L.Calçada
Portrait of Andreas Burkert by DWTV Portrait of Andreas Burkert by the Deutsche Welle TV:
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Articles in newspapers and magazines about our work
Klaus Dolag Kosmisches Licht auf krummen Touren,
von Helmut Hornung, erschienen in Max Planck Forschung, 4/2010
Black Hole Globular Cluster Relation Supermassive black holes reveal surprising clue,
by Ken Croswell