Publications of Arth,A

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  1. Declining Rotation Curves at z = 2 in ΛCDM Galaxy Formation Simulations
    2018, The Astrophysical Journal, 854, L28 - 2 citations

    Teklu, A. F., Remus, R.-S., Dolag, K., Arth, A., Burkert, A., Obreja, A., Schulze, F.

  2. Rambrain - a library for virtually extending physical memory
    2017, SoftwareX, 6, - 0 citations

    Imgrund, M., Arth, A.

  3. An improved SPH scheme for cosmological simulations
    2016, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 455, 2110 - 47 citations

    Beck, A. M., Murante, G., Arth, A., Remus, R.-S., Teklu, A. F., Donnert, J. M. F., Planelles, S., Beck, M. C., Förster, P., Imgrund, M., Dolag, K., Borgani, S.