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Smith, K.W., Balega, Y.Y., Hofmann, K.-H., Preibisch, Th., Schertl, D., Weigelt, G.

Speckle interferometry of the HAeBe star V376 Cas

Astronomy and Astrophysics, 413, 217-223 (2004)

We report H- and K'-band speckle interferometric observations of the HAeBe star V376 Cas. Our observations show that the object is partially resolved. The visibility curves suggest three separate components: a large scattering envelope visible only in the H band, a component approximately 100 mas in radius, and a component with a Gaussian HWHM of approximately 8 +/- 3 mas, corresponding to approximately 5 AU at 600 pc distance, which contributes most of the flux. We compare the smallest structure to the radius of dust sublimation in the radiation field of the star and find that the radius is approximately six times larger than that expected. This may indicate that the inner regions of the system are in fact obscured by a flaring circumstellar disk or torus seen close to edge-on.

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