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Paper II

Effective collision strengths for infrared transitions in carbon-like ions
Lennon.DJ, Burke.VM
Astronomy & Astrophysics Supplement Series, 1994, Vol.103, No.2, pp.273-277

We present new calculations of cross-sections for the electron impact excitation of carbon-like ions from N II to S XI, paying particular attention to the infrared transitions between the 2p(2) P-3 J = 0,1,2 ground state fine-structure levels. We also give rate coefficients, assuming a Maxwellian electron velocity distribution, in the form of effective collision strengths for these transitions up to an electron temperature of 10(5) K. We also give results for transitions involving the other 2p(2) terms (D-1 and S-1) as well as the 2s2p(3) (S-5) term. The present results are in excellent agreement with a number of similar calulations available in the literature but are more comprehensive in scope.