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Paper XXV

Electron impact excitation of fine-structure transitions in the ground configuration of Fe XII
A.M. Binello, H.E. Mason and P.J. Storey
Astronomy & Astrophysics Supplement Series, 1997, Vol.127, pp.545-553

In the framework of the IRON Project we have performed new, fully quantum mechanical atomic calculations for the Fe XII (Fe$^{+11}$) coronal ion. Energy levels, oscillator strengths and spontaneous decay transition probabilities have been computed by including extensive configuration interaction (CI) and relativistic effects in the solution of the atomic structure problem. The R-matrix approach has been employed to solve the electron scattering problem and generate a new set of collisional atomic data. Results are discussed for the ten fine-structure forbidden transitions in the 3s$^2$3p$^3$ ground configuration of Fe XII, and compared with previous calculations.