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Paper XIX

Radiative transition-probabilities for forbidden lines in Fe II
P.Quinet, M.LeDourneuf, CJ.Zeippen
Astronomy & Astrophysics Supplement Series, 1996, Vol.120, No.2, pp.361-371

Radiative transition probabilities have been calculated for the magnetic dipole (M1) and electric quadrupole (E2) transitions connecting the 63 metastable levels in the $3d^64s$, $3d^7$ and $3d^54s^2$ configurations in Fe II. The most important configuration interaction (CI) and relativistic effects have been taken into account in the computations carried out with the help of two independent computer programs, SUPERSTRUCTURE (SST) and RELATIVISTIC HARTREE-FOCK (HFR). The results obtained in the present work are compared with previous theoretical studies and with some astrophysical observations. The new data presented here are probably the most reliable to date.