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Paper XIV

Electron-impact excitation of the Fe-XIV fine-structure transition $^2P^{o}_{1/2}-^2P^{o}_{3/2}$
Storey.PJ, Mason.HE, Saraph.HE
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 1996, Vol.309, No.2, pp.677-682

We calculate collision strengths and collision rates for electron excitation of the $^2P^{o}_{1/2}-^2P^{o}_{3/2}$ ground term finestructure transition in Fe XIV, the coronal green line at 5303 Angstrom. The collision strength for the green line is found to be strongly enhanced by resonances for the first 4 Rydberg above the excitation threshold, and as a result the collision rates are found to be significantly larger than other recently published results, even at coronal temperatures. The calculations are carried out using the R-matrix formulation of the close-coupling approximation.