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Paper XII

Electron-excitation of forbidden transitions
in V-like ions Mn-III, Fe-IV, Co-V and Ni-VI
Berrington.KA, Pelan.JC
Astronomy & Astrophysics Supplement Series, 1995, Vol.114, No.2, pp.367-371

Electron excitation collision strengths for fine-structure transitions involving the four lowest 3d$^5$ terms ($^6$S, $^4$G, $^4P$, $^4$D) in vanadium-like ions Mn III, Fe IV, Co V and Ni VI are calculated using R-matrix techniques. All five sextet and quartet 3d$^5$ target terms are included in the expansion of the total wavefunction. Fine-structure collision strengths are obtained from an algebraic transformation of the reactance matrices. These collision strengths are then averaged over a Maxwellian velocity distribution to obtain effective collision strengths as a function of electron temperature. To our knowledge, these are the first published data for these processes.

NB There is an erratum for Table 5 of this paper for Fe IV. See Errata.