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Paper IX

Electron-excitation of the $^2P^{o}_{3/2}-^2P^{o}_{1/2}$ fine-structure transition
in chlorine-like ions Ar II to Ni XII
Pelan.J, Berrington.KA
Astronomy & Astrophysics Supplement Series, 1995, Vol.110, No.1, pp.209-212

Calculated effective collision strengths for the ground term fine-structure transitions of 11 chlorine-like ions (17 electrons) from Ar II to Ni XII are presented. There is currently very little published data for this sequence and so there is a strong motivation to satisfy the need for this information and to improve upon the accuracy of previous work where it does exist. The data are calculated using R-matrix techniques and are provided over a temperature range from 10(3) K up to 10(7) K over which the target models should be valid. Accuracy for the effective collision strengths is in the region of 10%. An independent calculation on Fe X recently published by Mohan et al. (ApJ 434, 389) is shown to be wrong for this transition because of their omission of important low-energy contributions.