CV and Research Interests

This is now up to date, and I am looking for jobs to begin Oct 2012. CV and Research Statement


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Massive clusters with HST

We applied for HST Cycle 19 to measure the masses of high redshift, potentially massive clusters of galaxies, whose existence appear to be in tension with the current cosmological model. Only by measuring the masses of these clusters to high accuracy will we be able to ascertain if they really are extra-ordinary.

Team: Ben Hoyle [P.I.], Aday Robiana, Licia Verde, Raul Jimenez, David Bacon, Martin Sahlen, Ed Lloyed-Davies, Kathy Romer, Matt Hilton, Nicola Mehrtens.

HST proposal here.

Isolated Neutron Stars found by the XMM Cluster Survey

The number of known Neutron Stars (about 5) is much lower than that predicted by theory. The XCS matched X-ray point sources, with SDSS imaging and found ~10 previously unknown candidates. Only with further observations would we be able to determine if were a piece of the missing puzzle.

Team: H. Campbell [P.I.], K. Romer, E. Lloyd-Davies, B. Hoyle

INS proposal here.


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