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GalaxyZoo2 Bar Length Measurements

Data from recent Google powered Galaxy Zoo 2 paper, including average bar length and width measurements of SDSS galaxies, measured by members of the Galaxy Zoo community.

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The file is a comma separated variable file. Other formats can be produced upon request. Columns are: SDSS objid, ra, dec, average bar length [kpc/h], standard deviation of bar length [kpc/h], average bar width [kpc/h], standard deviation of bar width [kpc/h], Scaled bar length (scaled by 2 times the r band Petrosian Radius), Number of bar measurements. Attach:GalaxyZoo2BarLengths_1.txt

Galaxy list used in Robaina et al 2011

We present the Right Ascension, Declination and SDSS specobjid for the quiescent spiral and elliptical galaxies here: Attach:Spirals.txt Attach:Ellipticals.txt. For more details see The arXiv paper.