Haleys Aurora Borealis page:

Aurora Borealis on the evening of 03.20.11. seen from the meadow nearby the Bismarck Observatory:

This panoramic view provides a gorgeous view above the full scale of this Aurora Borealis, visible during this evening. North is in the middle of the panorama. Especially the bright green bow is completely visible. The Aurora Borealis was even visible south of the zenith during maximum of acitivity! All these images were obtained with our Canon Ixus V2 at an exposure time of 15 secs. Sensitivity alignment for the panorama and the first row of images was 100 ASA.

View towards West


Red Aurora Borealis

About 1930 hours red spots appeared beside the green belt in the western sky. The constellation of Taurus will be decorated with coloured spots. Another red Aurora Borealis about half an hour later.

Red streamers in the West...

...and the East

This exposure was taken with the higher alignment of sensitivity. Now the stars in the constellation of Hercules became clearly visible. The alignment of 200 ASA was used to make the streamers in the constellation of Taurus visible.

Aurora borealis in the night from 03.10.30 to 03.10.31 at the Mt. Wendelstein Observatory:

This impressive panoramic view of the fascinating aurora borealis has a size of 900 Kb. It was taken at 0030 hours MEZ.

The making of a panoramic view was not planned, but at random the last two images matched exactly together. Direction of view is (naturally) towards north. The city lights come from the cities Munich and Rosenheim.


First streamers

Brightest curtain

With Koronograph dome

Towards 2100 hours the attraction began. A bright green belt was visible from the beginning. With first streamers the curtains started to billow. Approximately one hour after the beginning the brightest curtains filled almost half of the sky! Streamers and curtains billowed from west to east.

Ursa Major enlightened

With 32 inch dome

Green curtains

View towards east

Step by step the constellation of Ursa Major rises towards the bright light. Again the streamers intensivied in north west. Yet the dome of the 32 inch scope was illuminated! Finally the calm green belt turned into a billowing curtain. Actually the constellation of Gemini with Saturn rises in east.

First clouds

Good bye show

Altocumulus and also altostratus emerged from south west. In north east the spectacle was again in full cry.

Shortly after first clouds showed on the last images the sky turned almost overcast wherefore the measurement of M31 with the 32 inch telescope has to be stopped. For all that it was later possible to view aurora borealis through scattered clouds.

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