NGC 1851 - Globular cluster in the constellation of Columba.

Picture taken in november 1994 in Chile with Christina. Imaging at 1 metre focal length.

I have chosen this cute little star cluster as my object. This is not to be taken literally, itīs in fact part of a tradition, especial of the munich spechtlers, to chose their own object. There is a little story connected to my choose:

I`ve "spechtled" this globular cluster at the first time in fall 1985 on a site in the bavarian mountains with my at that time modest 2 3/8 inch telescope. The specialty of this object is itīs extreme southern declination of -40 degrees. After finding this cluster in an 8 inch scope, I managed the sighting in my little 2 3/8 inch Schiefspiegler. At that time NGC 1851 was the southernmost object I was able to observe in my life. This cute cluster is pretty bright which itīs 6 th magnitude. After the awakened love to the southern skies it is part of the standard objects of every southern hemisphere expedition. The challenge to "spechtle" this cluster here at home is still tantalizing. In winter 2002 I really managed the difficult sighting from the Bismarck Observatory !
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