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Andreas Burkert


Clemens: Club of Rome CoR.key
Clemens: Deutsches Museum DM.key
Clemens: Staunen und Verstehen Staunen.key

Alvaro: Infall of stellar stream: x-y distribution xy.gif
Alvaro: Infall of stellar stream: x - velocity distribution xv.gif

Aaron: UDG formation: somewhat less mass loss udg1.gif
Aaron: UDG formation: somewhat more mass loss udg2.gif
Aaron: UDG formation: z-distribution uz.gif

Doug: Nbody collapse of elongated structure collapse1.gif
Doug: Nbody collapse of elongated structure: larger environment collapse2.gif

Jens: Hernquist initial distribution with larger separation penergy_h_20.init
Jens: Hernquist final distribution with larger separation
Jens: Plummer collapse; t=0 pcoll.init
Jens: Plummer collapse; t=40 pcoll.40
Jens: Plummer resim; t=0 plum.resim.0
Jens: Plummer resim: t=40 plum.resim.200
Jens: penergy_h.180 penergy_h.180

Graeme: cluster merger cluster.gif

rho = constant; extreme case dm6.gif
Joe: rho = 1/r**2 dm1.gif
Joe: rho = 1/r dm2.gif
Joe: rho = constant dm3.gif
Joe: rho = constant, eccentric orbit dm4.gif

Galactic disk evolution: Dobbs et al.
Clare: self-regulated star formation starformation.key

Population evolution within a globular cluster cluster.gif
Population evolution: seeding and mortality cluster1.gif
Population evolution: seeding and loss of resources cluster2.gif
Population evolution: seeding, exhaustion, stellar evolution, star formation cluster3.gif

HCC087 on an almost circular orbit circular.gif
2-component model of HCC087 around cluster center baryon.gif
HCC087 around HCC005 hcc087.gif
HCC087 around HCC005 (zoom) zoom.gif
HCC087 around Cluster center animcc.gif
HCC087 around Cluster center (zoom) zoomcc.gif

ppt Folien fuer Thomas thomas.ppt

G2 movie g2.mp4
G2 talk (pdf) g2.pdf

Internal dynamics of a stable 3:1 filament (xy-plane: x: long axis): 3to1_xy.gif
3:1 stable filament (yz-plane, perpendicular to long axis): 3to1_yz.gif
Stable 3:1 filament: surface density f3to1.gif
Internal dynamics of a stable 6:1 filament (xy-plane) 6to1_xy.gif
6:1 stable filament (yz-plane) 6to1_yz.gif

Clemens: Wir sind nicht allein leben.pdf

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