DFG Priority Program 1573


The Physics of the ISM

6 years of ISM-SPP 1573: what have we learned?

The final conference of the ISM-SPP will be held in Cologne, Germany February 13 - 17, 2017:

Many physical processes in the ISM have been studied in isolation and under idealized conditions. It is however their nonlinear coupling that fully characterizes the structure and evolution of the multi-phase, dynamically evolving ISM. Therefore, the ISM-SPP was dedicated to study the interplay between various processes in the ISM during the last six years.
Poster In this conference, we aim at (i) summarizing the recent progress as well as (ii) bringing together experts from all three research pillars - laboratory studies, observations as well as theory and computations - in order to form a consistent picture of relevant physical processes in the ISM. We plan to tackle the recent progress in these nine sessions: