Andreas Burkert

phone:  +49 89 2180  5992 

email:   andi[at]

office:   USM I01

homepage (USM),

Chair of Computational and Theoretical Astrophysics (CAST)

    •    Nature of dark matter

    •    Formation of galaxies

    •    Active Galactic Nuclei

    •    Structure and dynamics of the interstellar medium

    •    Formation of turbulent molecular clouds, stars and stellar clusters

    •    Planet formation

Thomas Preibisch

phone:  +49 89 2180 6016

email:   preib[at]

office:   USM I21


Young Stars & Star Formation

    •    Star formation

    •    Protoplanetary disks

Planet & Star Formation

    •    Protoplanetary discs and planet formation

    •    Star formation and stellar feedback

    •    Dust production by Supernovae

    •    The structure, ionisation and chemistry of the Interstellar medium

    •    Radiative transfer techniques

Barbara Ercolano

phone:  +49 89 2180 6974

email:   ercolano

office:   USM I35


Planet Formation

    •    Protoplanetary discs

    •    Planet formation

Tilman Birnstiel

phone:  +49 89 2180 6973

email:   til.birnstiel[at]

office:   USM I36

publications, homepage

Group Leaders

Klaus Dolag

phone:  +49 89 2180  5994 

email:   kdolag[at]

office:   USM I02


Cosmological Simulations & Galaxy Clusters 

    •    Magnetic Fields

    •    Cosmology

    •    Clusters of Galaxies

Rhea-Silvia Remus

phone:  +49 89 2180 6986

email:   rhea[at]

office:   USM I03


Galaxy Structure & Galaxy Evolution 

    •    Galaxy Evolution

    •    Outer (dark and stellar) Halos

Virtual Reality & Numerical Simulations

Numerical Simulations of the formation and evolution of turbulent gaseous discs and rings inside galactic centres

Christian Alig

phone:  +49 89 2180 5991

email:   alig[at]

office:   USM E24



Dynamics of Disk Galaxies 

    •   Formation and evolution of star-forming galaxies at low & high-redshift

    •    Disk instabilities

    •    Structure and dynamics of the interstellar medium    

    •    Development for hydro codes, simulation setup and post processing tools

Manuel Behrendt

phone:  +49 89 30000 3931  

email:   mabe[at] 

office:   MPE X2/364

homepage, GitHub

Interstellar Medium & Star Formation

• Molecular clouds and turbulence

• Filament formation and fragmentation 

• Core formation and collapse

• Disk formation and chemistry

Stefan Heigl

phone:  +49 89 2180  5970 

email:   heigl[at]

office:   USM E01


Staff Scientists & IT

Tadziu Hoffmann

phone:  +49 89 2180 6024 

email:   hoffmann

office:   USM I28

Stellar Spectra & Radiative Transfer 

Guest Researcher

Milena Valentini

Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow

phone:  +49 89 30000 6968  

email:   valentini[at]

office:   USM 005A (E10)



    •   Galaxy formation and evolution

    •    Stellar and AGN feedback

    •    Cosmological hydrodynamical simulations    

External Associated Scientists

Veronica Biffi

INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Trieste, Italy

email: veronica.biffi[at]


Galaxy Clusters

    •    Clusters of Galaxies (physics, formation and evolution)

    •    X-ray synthetic observations from cosmological simulations

Eric Emsellem

- European Southern Observatory 

- Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon/Observatoire de Lyon

email:    eric.emsellem

publications, GitHub

Galaxies: observations, modeling and simulations

    •    Galactic dynamics

    •    Early-type galaxies, star-forming discs

    •    Integral field spectroscopy

    •    Data analysis

Rolf-Peter Kudritzki

- Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii

- Munich Institute for Astro- and Particle Physics

email: kud[at]


Almudena Prieto

Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias 

email: aprieto[at] 

Multiwavelength investigation of centres of galaxies 

PARSEC project:

  • Accretion phenomena around Supermassive Black Holes
  • Nuclear star formation at parsecs scale   

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