Cosmology/galaxies discussion group

The idea is to discuss interesting current topics that are of interest for cosmology and galaxy/clusters astrophysics and bring together different groups at USM to discuss common strains of research; examples of subjects that I would find interesting to discuss are e.g.:
  • What can we learn with current and upcoming cosmological surveys (SDSS-IV, DES, DESI, Euclid, LSST… , but also CMB data) about open questions in astrophysics if we assume cosmology to be known - e.g. HOD modelling and connection to galaxy evolution, AGN and SN feedback, etc.
  • What degeneracies are there that need further study between astrophysics and cosmology - e.g. between baryonic effects and neutrino mass on the small-scale clustering.
  • Any aspect of observational cosmology (especially related to galaxy surveys and CMB observations).
  • Any other topic that you find interesting.

When and where

Thursdays 12:30 - 13:30 (bring your lunch!), in the USM new roof seminar room

Schedule for the Winter Semester 2017/18

  • 26.10.: Ben Holye

  • 9.11.: Steffen Hagstotz

Old, partial list for the Winter Semester 2016/17

  • 9th November: I will discuss 'Evidence for the thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect associated with quasar feedback' by D. Crichton et al, 2016, MNRAS, 458, 1478
  • 16th November: Oliver will discuss 'Accounting for baryonic effects in cosmic shear tomography: Determining a minimal set of nuisance parameters using PCA' by T. Eifler et al, 2015, MNRAS, 454, 2451
  • 23rd November: Matteo Costanzi will discuss ''The effect of AGN feedback on the halo mass function' by W. Cui et al, 2014, MNRAS, 441, 1769,
  • 30th November: I discuss 'Quasar host environments: The view from Planck’ by Loïc Verdier et al, 2016, A&A, 588, A61
  • 7th, 14th December: I will not be there to organise the meeting as I am away at conferences.

Interesting paper to read and discuss: