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Mailbox names


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The email server uses a secure POP3/IMAP4 protocol ; depending on your email client /pine/mutt/outlook there are different actions to be taken to:

bulletget the security certificate
bulletconnect through a secure channel

In the next sections this will be explained for each of the supported mail clients.

The mailbox on the server runs under a file quota but can be structured,i.e. you can have sub-mailboxes which itself can receive mail from outside by using a special address technique.

Example:      user.rug : is the primary mailbox on the  server, your email client would see this as

  1. pine, mutt : INBOX
  2. outlook: Posteingang

    "user.rug.list"  is a submailbox appearing

  1. pine, mutt: INBOX.list
  2. outlook: Posteingang.list

Together this user has 2 mailboxes now under one quota: "user.rug" and "user.rug.list". The normal mail to rug@usm.lmu.de would be delivered to user.rug and a email to rug+list@usm.lmu.de gets to the user.rug.list mailbox.

In this example the user should check (subscribe in the mail client) for both of the 2 mailboxes.

Certificate installation


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