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Radiative Processes, Stellar Atmospheres and Winds

Master of Science in Astrophysics - P5.0.2
Master of Science in Physics with main focus on Astrophysics - P4.0.5, P5.2.5, P6.0.5

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Lecture notes, winter semester 2018/19

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Part 1 (chapters 1-7)

Part 2 (intermezzo, chapters 8-10)


Radiative Transfer, Stellar Atmospheres, and Winds

The following file (pdf) contains material given within the IMPRS (International Max-Planck Research School) advanced lectures (15 "real" hours).

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IMPRS -- Total Course (19MB)


The following file (pdf) contains a lecture on

Radiative transfer in the expanding atmospheres atmospheres of early type stars
(3 times 60 minutes, introductory level)

given within the XXIX Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics (2017) --
"Applications of Radiative Transfer to Stellar and Planetary Atmospheres"

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Canary Islands Winter School 2017 -- Complete lecture


Radiation driven winds from hot massive stars
Theory, applications and problems

The following file (pdf) contains material given in a series of lectures (12 times 45 minutes)
at the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Valparaiso (Chile), in March 2012.

The course covers materal of introductory and advanced level. To download, click download symbol

Valparaiso 2012 -- Total Course (16MB)