Super-strong X-ray emission from a deeply embedded young stellar object in the Serpens cloud core

Thomas Preibisch

Astronomy & Astrophysics, 338, L25 (1998)


We report the ROSAT detection of strong X-ray emission from an optically invisible infrared source in the Serpens star forming region. The X-ray source can be identified with the infrared star EC 95, a deeply embedded (A_V ~ 34 mag) young stellar object. The quiescent soft X-ray luminosity of this object is about (6 - 18) x 10^32 erg/sec, making it the most X-ray luminous young stellar object ever detected. Since this exceeds the quiescent, i.e. non-flaring, X-ray luminosity of any known coronal X-ray source by at least about one order of magnitude, our result suggests that a non-solar-like origin for the X-ray emission of EC 95 has to be considered.

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