Here I have compiled a few images created from the data of our deep ACIS observation of the young stellar cluster IC348 in the Perseus molecular cloud complex. For detailed information see our paper I (Preibisch & Zinnecker, Astronomical Journal, 122, 866 (2001)) and paper II (Preibisch & Zinnecker, Astronomical Journal, 123, 1613, (2002)).

The left part of the composit image above shows the full ROSAT PSPC image (radius 1 degree) of the IC 348 region, where the dense cluster of X-ray sources can be seen in the center. The right image is the true color CHANDRA X-ray image of the central region of IC 348.

More ROSAT images of IC348 can be found on a seperate page.

The image below shows the full CHANDRA image, about 17' times 17'. In our detailed analysis of the CHANDRA data we could detect 215 individual X-ray sources.

One of the most interesting results of our Chandra observation was the detection of (very faint) X-ray emission from several brown dwarfs and brown dwarf candidates in IC 348. In the Chandra image shown below the locations of the X-ray detected brown dwarfs are marked with green circles.

The next three images show the central region of IC348 as seen by the ROSAT PSPC and the ROSAT HRI (upper row), and by CHANDRA (lower image). Note the superb spatial resolution of the CHANDRA data, resulting in a much sharper image.

Finaly, we compare optical and X-ray images of the central region of IC348. The upper image shows an optical true color (V,R,I) image of the cluster center obtained with the 1.2 m Telescope on Calar Alto Observatory. Below, the true color Chandra X-ray image of the same area is shown.