T Tauri Stars in the Scorpius Centaurus OB Association

Thomas Preibisch, Hans Zinnecker, Eike Guenther, Michael Sterzik, Sabine Frink, & Siegfried Röser

Poster contribution at the 10th Workshop on Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun,

ASP Conference Series, in press (1997)


We present the results from our intermediate resolution spectroscopic survey for T Tauri stars in the Scorpius Centaurus OB association. In a 160 square-degree area in Upper Scorpius, where 86 T Tauri stars were previously known, we could identify 46 new T Tauri stars by follow up observations of X-ray selected stars.

We also investigated the completeness of our X-ray selected sample by observing more than 100 stars that were not detected as X-ray sources, but have proper motions indicating membership to ScoCen. We found that none of these stars is a T Tauri star. We conclude that our X-ray selected sample of T Tauri star seems to be rather complete for stars with L_bol > 0.5 L_sun.

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