Christine M. Koepferl


In my research I am working on the production of realistic synthetic observations of star-formation sites (small to large scale) and how they can help us to analyse the physical processes behind star-formation. I especially focus on the testing and development of observational tools which can help us to infer robust physical properties of star-forming regions. I am also developing open source tools (e.g. the FLUXCOMPENSATOR), which enable the community to produce their own realistic synthetic observations.


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BGF Fellow (2016 - 2019)

Closing the Loop: Using Synthetic Observations of Simulated Star-forming Regions to Test Observational Properties


PhD project (2012 - 2015)

Star-formation Properties Extracted

from Synthetic Star-forming Regions

Dr. Thomas P. Robitaille

Master project (2011-2012)

Disc dispersal of young stellar objects

Prof. Dr. Barbara Ercolano

Bachelor project (2010)

The search for habitable planets

around M stars

Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch