Experimental studies on the low-temperature condensation of cosmic dust in the interstellar medium

Thomas Henning, Cornelia Jäger, Gael Rouillé



Rouillé, Jäger, Krasnokutski, Krebsz, Henning, 2014, Cold condensation of dust in the ISM Faraday Discuss., 168, in press

Krasnokutski, Rouillé, Jäger, Huisken, Zhukovska, Henning, 2014, Formation of silicon oxide grains at low temperature, ApJ, 782, 15

Rouillé, Krasnokutski, Krebsz, Jäger, Huisken, Henning, 2014, Cosmic dust formation at cryogenic temperatures, PoS(LCDU 2013)047

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