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This page introduces the collaborations and projects I am, or have been involved with.


!! Collaborations

!!! The XMM Cluster Survey (XCS)
The [[ | XCS]] is a serendipitous cluster survey using archival XMM (X-ray) data.

!!! Galaxy Zoo

* Bars in disk galaxies

* Clusters of galaxies, Halo Occupation Distribution parameters of
X-ray selected clusters, see this poster

* Clusters of galaxies as a probe of primordial non Gaussianity

* Weak lensing magnification bias of SDSS galaxies

* Void Detection

* Analyzing GAMMA spectra using GANDALF

* Cluster/galaxy identification/classification websites


!! Collaborations

!!! Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS)
The [[ | SDSS]] was an ambitious project to image the northern sky, detecting all galaxies out to about a billion light years [and beyond].
During my PhD, I had access to pre-released SDSS data because the ICG was a member of the SDSS collaboration.

!!! LO Frequency ARray (LOFAR)
I built the original [[ | LOFAR]] webpage. The front end has recently been improved by Dr. Karen Masters at the ICG.