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Welcome to my home page. Here you will be able to access information about me, and the work I am doing here at the University Sternwarte, part of the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

Research Intrests

My main research interests include machine learning photometric redshift estimation, exploring parameter space, and mass measurements and correlation function of galaxy clusters. In particular I use optical, X-ray data & SZ selected clusters. I use clusters and correlation functions to constrain cosmological models and parameters using the cluster mass function, and the abundance of extreme clusters. I am also interested in large scale data analysis in Cosmology, involving correlating large surveys such as SDSS, XCS (see links opposite) and VESPA. I also work in astrophysics with Galaxy Zoo, in particular bar length and width measurements, and correlating bar properties with host galaxy properties. Combining astrophysics, statistics and cosmology, I have used VESPA to constrain homogeneity and isotropy of the Universe using the Star Formation Rate Histories of Luminous Red Galaxies as a proxy for homogeneity.

To access the machine learning photometric redshift code follow this link

To obtain the Galaxy Zoo2 bar length measurement data, as published in this recent paper, please follow this link

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