Survey of Surveys

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Gathering information is an often boring and time-consuming task. For this reason, we thought it useful, especially for future work planning, to compile a collection of all known surveys. Our search was based on the available literature about completed, still in progress, and planned surveys. The list we compiled may not be complete, but we are willing to update it (and distribute it) upon request.

Optical and Near-Infrared ranges

We intend to give a visual impression of available, work-in-progress and planned imaging surveys, in the optical and near-infrared. The plots are an updated version of those that are in the homepage of the NOAO Deep Survey. Surveys in red color are those for which HST observations are available, making them more effective. The values are collected from available information in the literature and are not homogeneous in terms of covered wavelength range, statistical significance and apertures. However, references and homepage for any displayed survey are also provided, where full information on wavelength coverage can be found, including Xray to radio (when available) and massive spectroscopic follow-up. The surveys are divided in completed, work in progress and planed.




Spectroscopic Surveys

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