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University Observatory Munich Colloquium
Schedule for Winter Term 2015/16

Colloquia are held on Wednesdays at 14:00 at the Observatory, Scheinerstr. 1, room E08,
unless announced otherwise.

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Date Speaker Institute Title Host
14 October 2015 Daniel Grün USM Gravitational lensing by galaxy troughs Seitz
21 October 2015 Thomas Bisbas MPE Effective destruction of CO by cosmic rays and its implications tracing H2 in the Universe Ercolano
28 October 2015 Greg Rudnick University of Kansas The life cycle of galaxies in clusters over 10 billion years Mohr
11 November 2015 Douglas Applegate Universität Bonn Weak lensing mass estimation and galaxy cluster cosmology Mohr
12 November 2015
Thursday 12:00
Jabran Zahid Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Chemical evolution of star forming galaxies Preibisch
18 November 2015 Eugene Churazov MPA Garching Hot gas in galaxy clusters on small scales and AGN feedback Mohr
2 December 2015 Excellence Cluster Universe – Science Week
9 December 2015 Dave Wilman MPE Garching KMOS3D: Tracing the growth of galaxies with their halos at z ~ 0.7–2.5 Seitz
13 January 2016 Volker Tresp Universität München Machine learning with knowledge graphs Weller
20 January 2016 Matt Bayliss Harvard University Spectroscopic studies of the SPT cluster sample to z ~ 1.5 Mohr
22 March 2016
Tuesday 11:00
John Bally University of Colorado Explosive Outflows from Massive Protostars Preibisch

Suggestions for speakers should be sent to the colloquium organizer Thomas Preibisch.

Schedules for previous semesters: Summer term 2015.

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