SZE + Optical Studies of the Cosmic Acceleration

Blanco Cosmology Survey (BCS) was a 60 night NOAO survey program on the Blanco 4m from 2005-2008 to study the cosmic acceleration using two different techniques. The first is a galaxy cluster survey in coordination with mm-wave surveys like APEX, ACT and SPT. The second is using the galaxy power spectrum to measure cosmological distances out to redshift z~1.

We used the MOSAIC II imager to carry out a deep, four band (griz) photometric survey of two 50 deg2 patches of the southern sky. These two fields were centered at

23h00m,-55o12m and 05h30m,-52o47m

More details on the BCS survey including data acquisition, processing, calibration and data release can be found in the BCS survey paper on arxiv

Link to BCS data release from April 2012 can be found here

Please contact Shantanu Desai for password

BCS Observing information including target lists and observers cookbook here.